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Tarot Tuesday; Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles is a card of dreams and the desire to manifest those dreams in the material world. You may be in the midst of a new project such as a hobby, business venture, or the beginning of a new educational experience. In any case, the Page is a sign of enthusiasm and desire, focused around a goal or a ‘dream’. The card does not indicate the fulfilment of dreams as much as the initial motivation and energy to begin the process of creating those dreams in reality. Therefore, this card encourages you to begin to put in place clear plans and actions that will ultimately lead you to achieve your dreams and goals. This is a time when you need to be able to apply careful planning in order to manifest your dreams and achieve your goals. You need to remain focused on the practical and tangible elements, keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground and not getting carried away with more ideas and concepts but rather being focused on what is realistic and achievable. This is when your common sense and pragmatic approach will lead you to success and to finding a solution that actually works.

Now is the time to start acting on all of those grand ideas and concepts that have been brewing in your imagination. Now is the time to make them real!

Biddy Tarot

So, how ironic would it be that last night I had such a remarkable dream about the future? ‘Cause I did. I dream pretty regularly, and it’s mainly just my subconscious being ultra analytical, but occasionally I have absolutely radiant dreams. The kind of dreams where I wake up with my heart racing, my mind spinning, and just in awe of what I’ve experienced. Also, get your mind out of the gutter – these aren’t erotic dreams – those have a totally different “feel”. These technicolor dreams and my sexual fantasies have never been combined, and I’m pretty sure that’s for a reason.

Anyway! This dream combined my love of travel and my love for an non-profit that I serve as a volunteer. So drawing this card for my weekly exploration sent a jolt through me. Could I really make this into a bigger part of my life? This is certainly a career goal of mine – to travel and to follow my calling of helping others. Honestly, I think that there is some part of me that connects with the missionaries of the late 1800’s. Those stories always fascinated me. I have opportunities with this organization – but I know that there is no money for this to become my full time job. Yet, I feel this shift, both in me and in the organization, that this could change.

I know that there is still a lot that is uncertain about my future – with the move, my job, my family…but I’m slowly getting to the happy place of being at peace with these changes. One day at a time has become my mantra! So, seeing the positive energy that comes with the Page of Pentacles was really a boost for me. I have my dreams, both actual and then my “goals”, and I feel like I’m now in a better place to accept these new parts of my life. That and if I keep hold on my “here and now” while moving towards my dreams, these technicolor previews will become part of the film of my life.

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