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Tarot Tuesday; Four of Wands

The Four of Wands heralds celebration, good times, a happy and harmonious home environment and good news. In numerology, four symbolizes stability and firm foundations, and in the case of the Four of Wands, you are now enjoying a period of happiness and stability. This card indicates a sense of harmony and balance as well as completion, and thus symbolizes a time of peace and joy in life that come as the result of often difficult and challenging effort. The Four of Wands is one of the most positive cards in the Tarot deck and indicates general good fortune, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Given the Four of Wands is closely associated with the home environment, you may be working on improving or renovating your home. You may have recently purchased a new home or are very close to finding a new home and getting ready to settle down in your new environment.

The Four of Wands indicates peace, harmony and tranquility. You may find a refuge from the turmoils of life, perhaps by meeting someone new in a romantic setting, or by finding a new place to live that is ‘away from it all’. If you have been experiencing any disagreements with others, now will be the time to make a peace offering and instead focus on creating harmony in the relationship.

Biddy Tarot

Well la-dee-da. Talk about being smacked in the face with the will of the Gods. My partner and I have been in conversation, and are presently making plans, about moving back to his hometown. This past weekend was spent travelling back to his home and spending time with his parents; for me it was a quiet retreat from the noise inside and outside my brain.

It was also appropriate given that when I do move, it will be the first time for me to move out of state and away from what is familiar. Honestly, I feel like I’m at peace with this, it’s not as daunting as it once was. Granted, as long as my partner and I have been together, I’ve always know that the intent was to one day return to “the farm” as we call it. So part of my being out there this weekend was taking inventory of my feelings and the space that will (Inshallah) be my next home. I was pleased to find that I was not only comfortable, but happy, in this place. I attribute that to being open and ready for the next chapter of my life, but also to the warmth and promise of the environment that exists on “the farm”.

My partner and I are just that – we’re partners. Two rather independent people who are dependent on each other. Quite the paradox, right? Yet, when I picture my future, it is always with him in my heart and mind. Our relationship has not been easy and I’m grateful for that. How else do you build a life, a home, a family with someone else without experiencing the good, bad, and ugly? We have stood by each other and grown together – the love I have for this man still puts a smile on my face. I make an effort to make sure that he knows he is “my person” and that I love him – even when he frustrates the crap outta me.

Now, I have typically struggled during the fall months, for various reasons, but I feel a sense of tranquility now and this keeps me buoyant. The 4 of Wands just sort of sets me at ease and I feel more settled. I feel like instead of looking at the path before me I can finally start to walk ahead. Even if the future is still uncertain – as it always is – I can see the light. The changing seasons be damned; I have the light of love and the light of hope to guide me this winter.

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