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Tarot Tuesday; Ace of Swords

The power of the Ace of Swords can be drawn up by anyone whose heart, mind and will are strong. However, it is up to the bearer of the Sword to tap that potential and use it in a way that is beneficial for the greater good.

The Ace of Swords represents a period of great insight and mental clarity. It signifies a ‘break-through’ or an ‘aha’ moment where suddenly conscious understanding and mental reasoning reach their peak, and achievement of goals suddenly becomes a lot easier. You have a new understanding of some issue that has been of concern, or, in a broader sense, a new world view. This is a perfect time to clear away the fog that has kept you from seeing the inner truth, so that you can now cut to the heart of the matter. This is also a good time to act, and if you set your mind to accomplishing your goals, you can achieve anything you desire.

The Ace of Swords highlights a new idea, inspiration, original thinking and creative vision. It represents a point at which you have a new way of thinking and the energy to go with it. You are excited to pursue new opportunities that draw upon your creative and mental abilities.

Biddy Tarot

Okay, so I try not to cherry pick when I include the definitions/meanings of the cards, but these three little subsections (which are in sequential order) really hit the nail on the head.

I sort of scoffed when I drew the Ace of Swords, thinking ‘Well damn, maybe I should have just worked my way through the Suit of Swords the way I’m going…’ but my inner hippie/ intuition told me to shut up and read the text. Again, I’m not sure how much of this is confirmation bias – because I’m still skeptical – but this card is totally relevant right now.

The Ace, to me, is about personal power. About knowing you have “what it takes” deep inside you and being able to own that and make it manifest. I’m no longer going to watch that balloon with my dream written on it float away while I wonder when it will ever come true. I know who I am and what I’m supposed to be – and sometimes when you discover that/realize it, it can be downright anxiety inducing. Because then you become King Arthur with the sword, awestruck but empowered, thinking ‘Okay, step one accomplished! Wait…what do I do with this thing now that I’ve got it?…’

I’m there. I feel very strongly about my personal path, that I’m meant to help people, and be someone who can guide them on their path. I’ve always done this but I think I have now realized that there’s something more to it, something bigger. I know that my writing plays a role as well. I think I’ve been denying myself this dream of being a writer, and of being true to who I am, for far too long. I’m stronger now, mentally and emotionally (still working on the physical part…I suck at pull ups still) and have finally gotten to a good place where I feel supported.

I have but one life here in the present – let me make the most of my gifts. Let my pen be my sword.

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