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Tarot Tuesday; King of Pentacles

“Thus, the King of Pentacles often indicates the final fulfillment of a creative task, business venture, or investment. Through diligence, responsibility and attention to detail you have achieved great things and can finally say that you have completed your task or attained your goal. You can now enjoy all that you have accomplished and the successes you have created. You have created a richness of life, not just financially but also spiritually, which will set you up very well for the future.

Whenever you need the skills to manage your day-to-day affairs competently and efficiently, you can call upon the King of Pentacles. Work hard, methodically and conscientiously. Give generously of your time and resources, because by giving you often receive more, and making more money is something that all Kings of Pentacles love to do!”

Biddy Tarot

When I drew this card, two people in my life came to mind. How interesting that I can reflect on two examples of this card and it’s representations. Perhaps my task now is to remind them both that they are actually in a good place in their respective lives – and they should both take the time to enjoy that. They have worked very hard, but now they can take their noses off the grindstone.

Yep, I’m pretty sure I’m hearing that loud and clear. However, since for the past two cards I’ve gone into what this card means to/for me, I suppose that I should at least touch on that.

I get such a warm and loving feeling from this card, and the image above is the one from my own deck. There is a playful nature that comes from this card, and I feel that it stems from the aspect of stability. This card represents someone who has gotten to a place in their life where money is no longer the sole driving force. There is fortune and prosperity and yet there isn’t a greed that comes along with it; in fact there is more giving with this card than anything else. Giving time, money, wisdom, love, support – all of these things are given to those who the King thinks is worthy. This is my experience with the card and who I see in my life represented by the King.

My direct connection is to someone who has been a rather unusual, but appreciated, mentor in my life. He is a caring and generous human being, with an “I don’t give a rats ass” attitude. I often go to him with both usual, job related questions and some off-the-wall life questions. I have found that he has just the right advice and gives me the encouragement and perspective that is needed. It’s been a pleasure to get to know him. Of course, in getting to know him, I see beyond what others might see on the surface. He works extremely hard and has the tendency to spread himself thin. This affects his health and personal life; I hate to see him so tired so often.

How do you point out, especially to someone older than yourself, that it is okay to step back? Without sounding like you’re pushing them “out?” There is so much value in what the King of Pentacles has to give, and of course this is not just in terms of money, but also in richness of life and experiences. I would never want it to seem like I don’t value the what the King offers. Yet, when everything this person touches turns to gold, how do you caution them to be careful what they touch?

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