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Tarot Tuesday; Knight of Swords

P-K of S

Prince/Knight of Swords:
“When we are obsessed by an idea and wish to manifest that idea, we are often so blinded by the desire for its fulfillment that we fail to see the difficulties we may encounter or the consequences of our actions…Once he has set forth on his journey, there is no stopping him! He does not see, nor care about, any upcoming challenges, risks or dangers, and instead moves forward with his strong intent to succeed and win. On the positive side, this card shows great ambition, determination and strength to succeed no matter what. On the negative side, however, he can be blind to potential challenges and consequences of his actions, and may charge forth into a dangerous territory without any foresight or preparation. He may also neglect to understand the needs of others as he fervently pursues his own goals…The Knight of Swords also represents your need to understand the world from an intellectual point of view. You have well-developed communication skills and can easily form solid arguments and opinions on current affairs and important matters. You love to engage with others who have similar skills so that you can share your ideas and develop new points of view. You may be best suited to discussion groups with like-minded individuals where you can fire each other up and motivate one another.”
Biddy Tarot

Well la-dee-da. For my first post on exploring the Tarot I drew this card. Is this Divine irony or just confirmation bias in action? I’m trying to balance out my two haves here…you know, my open and free-spirited self with my snarky and fact-driven self. It’s a struggle some days. However, the fact that this card is a representation of the “CHARGE” attitude is a little funny. I came up with the idea of doing a Tarot Tuesday post sort of on the fly and then woke up this morning with a burst of “let’s do this!”

I’m gonna go with Divine Irony for the win on this one. But I digress. Into the exploration we go.

So, when I looked up images of the card to display, I was drawn to this depiction of the Knight. The Knight in my personal deck is actually represented as the “Prince”, which I thought to be interesting. I don’t see any harm in having the two titles present differently, as both are on the same level in terms of the Arcana. This particular image of the Knight was very vibrant and enthusiastic – which correlates with the cards meaning quite nicely.

Of course all that enthusiasm, all that energy, has to be directed somewhere. Of course, for me it is the energy put into my 9-5 job at the moment. I’m responsible for the maintenance of a computer system and today my head feels clear enough where I can dig in and go back to working on some of the workflows I’ve put into place. I feel like this system has been passed off to me with very clear intention that I develop it to serve our needs better. However, I lack the programming knowledge that could have made this work a little easier. I’m not of that type of mindset and everything I’ve learned is through trial and error. ┬áSo I really count on the days where I have this burst of energy to bounce around on my chair, test out system changes, go back and forth between multiple screens, and have 50 tabs open – all to accomplish what amounts to maybe 5 minutes of real time usage.

Drawing this card reminds me that I can’t get tunnel vision. Yes, this is “my baby” and I’m supposed to be the most “in tune” with how it works, which at this point makes me feel pretty confident. I know that I know that if I do “x” that it affects “y” and you can’t do that if you want “z” outcome. I’ve immersed myself in it so much that I don’t take into account that some of this has become intuitive for me. I don’t take into account the other “users” and how I’m supposed to make it work for them too.

I get frustrated sometimes, I’m only human after all, and really feel like being snarky when it comes to some of the questions I get regarding the system. Like, “No, that’s stupid. Why would you think that by clicking this button it does that? Where is the logic there?” I have to be mindful. I was once that oblivious too; I’m an English major for Gods sake, I never thought I’d be dealing with coding language. I have to seek out my colleagues thoughts and ideas to truly accomplish my goals. My intent is to be a master at this kind of work and to do that I will need the drive that’s associated with this card.

The reminder with the Knight of Swords is to look up every so often and seek the perspectives of others. Collaboration doesn’t have to take away from personal accomplishment. What do you think? How does this card speak to you?


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