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About Me

Wannabe Writer.
Definite Dreamer.
Timid Theologian.

I always knew I was meant for more. Though it’s worth noting that I’m still trying to figure out what thatĀ more actually is. I’m an infinitely curious person and I love to write, read, and learn. My writing is always what I come back to, even though I struggle to be consistent with it.

I feel that I write, in part, because I love humanity and I am fascinated by our collective spiritual experiences. I consider myself spiritual skeptic, hence the nameĀ Reluctant Pagan, yet if I had to pick a label it would be Hellenistic Pagan. There’s a story there – another part of my ongoing journey. Just like there is a story behind every other humans’ relationship with the divine. This platform, this blog, is how I choose to share part of my relationship and my spiritual journey. with the wider world. I’ve learned who I am through others; perhaps someone can learn more about themselves through my words.

So, as I work though my life, and my evolution as a person, I strive to be as authentic as possible. This blog is my way of my analyzing my spirituality and my role in the bigger picture, but also as a way to hold myself accountable to being the person I truly am, inside and out. I’m that witch you never knew existed; I’m hiding in plain sight.

No pointy hat, no black lipstick, and no muttering about turning you into a toad. Just another human, trying to find out her place in this divine conspiracy.

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